Home Loan

I want to buy a property.

  • High loan amount– up to PLN 6,000,000 (up to 80% of property value)
  • Quick credit decision
  • Assistance of our Relationship Manager in fulfilling all the formalities.
  • Actual annual interest rate: 3,84%
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Refinancing Loan

I want to move my loan to Citi Handlowy and pay a lower mortgage monthly installment.

Actual annual interest rate: 3,84%

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Home Equity Loan

I've got an apartment and I need additional cash for making my plans come true.

  • High loan amount – up to PLN 2,000,000 (to 70% of property value)
  • Money could be spent on any purpose, including repayment of other loans.
  • Long lending period – up to 20 years.
  • Actual annual interest rate: 5,09%
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Additional Information about Mortgage Products

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