The insurance

is voluntary and has no impact on credit decision.

The insurance premium,

depending on the selected option, amounts from 1.6% to 4.1% of the total loan amount for every year of coverage.

The scope of coverage

depends on the age of the person concluding the Insurance Agreement and is available in three options; in the standard option - also for persons over 65 years of age.

The scope of coverage may include:

life insurance, temporary inability to work for occupationally active persons or hospitalization for other persons, loss of employment insurance for persons who before the event have worked for 12 months with one employer, or have been employed for 24 months, and insurance of bone fractures for other persons. Covers also termination of employment by mutual agreement of the parties.

Important informations

Safe Installment Payments is an individual insurance proposition provided by MetLife Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie i Reasekuracji S.A. with registered seat in Warsaw at 26 Przemysłowa Street, 00-450 Warsaw and MetLife Europe Insurance Limited with registered seat in Dublin, 20 Lower Hatch Street, Dublin, Ireland under “General Terms and Conditions of Safe Installment Payments Insurance”.

For more information on Safe Installment Payment insurance coverage and the full list of the exclusions of the Insurer’s liability, please read “General Terms and Conditions of Safe Installment Payment Insurance” available in the “Important Documents” section below and in branches.

You may withdraw from the insurance within 30 calendar days following the day on which the first insurance fee is charged. You may also resign from the insurance at any time of the insurance agreement period.

The Insurance Agreement is made by the Client with the Insurer through the Bank that acts as an insurance agent of MetLife Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie i Reasekuracji S.A. entered into the register of insurance agents maintained by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, under the following number: 11120807/A. You may check the Bank’s entry into this register by submitting a proper form with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority in writing or via phone.

The Insurer may refuse to pay the benefit in the events referred to in General Terms and Conditions of the Insurance, e.g. in the event of committing a suicide by the Insured within 12 months following the commencement of the coverage period.

The Bank, during the processes of sale and handling of protective insurance, follows the principles set out in the “Recommended best practices in the Polish bancassurance market for unit-linked insurance products” issued by the Polish Bank Association.


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