Citigold Account

Open a new Citigold account and check how you can open an up to 4% time deposit for 3 months in the amount of up to PLN 300,000.

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Offer valid until September 30, 2018 for 500 persons who did not have a Personal Account or Savings Account with the Bank (it applies also to all the account co-owners) and were not the Account Representatives in the period from January 1 2017 to the opening of the account under the Offer.

Voucher 300 do DUKA i 20 % off na kolejne zakupy
Citi Priority Account

With a Citi Priority Account you can receive PLN 300 for DUKA and 20 % off on your next shopping

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The offer is available for 1,000 Users who did not have a Personal or Savings Account with the Bank in the period from January 1, 2017. Offer valid till June 30, 2018 and it may be repeated in the future.

Citi Priority Account

Open account with
up to PLN 400 bonus!

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The “Account with up to PLN 400 Bonus - edition III” offer for those who are not Citi Handlowy account clients since January 1, 2017, valid until July 31, 2018.

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Recommend Citi Priority personal accounts

You can get PLN 100 for a successful Citi Priority account referral

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The “Refer Your Friend For Citi Priority Acount - Edition 4th” offer is available to 1000 Citi Handlowy account or Citibank credit card holders as the referring persons and those who have not had a Citi Handlowy accounts 1.01.2017 as the referred persons. Offer valid till 31.08.2018.

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Check how you can receive a PLN 2,500 voucher to Moliera 2

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Offer valid till June 30, 2018 for the first 60 individuals who did not have a Personal or Savings Account with Citi Handlowy (it also applies to the Account Co-owners) and did not act as the Account Proxies from June 30st, 2018 until the account opening as part of the Offer.

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With a Citi Priority account, you can enjoy

2,5%on the first time deposit and 2,7%on the second one

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Offer available for the 500 users who have not had any products of the bank from january 1, 2016 to the opening of the account under the offer. Offer valid till june 31, 2018 and may be repeated in the future.

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