Personalized Investment Advisory

Matching investment portfolio to your individual needs and financial goals

Each Citigold Private Client can review or build their investment portfolio that will be matched to their own needs and financial goals, taking into account their acceptable risk horizon. While building and managing your portfolio, you can get:

  • Investment Advisory on foreign stock markets,
  • Investment Advisory on mutual funds.
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Portfolio Review

At Citi, we believe personal conversations are the best way to get to know you and understand how we can support you to achieve your financial goals. We recognize that every investor is unique. With the help of Citi’s four-step advisory process, we can develop well-founded solutions to define and implement your personal investment strategy. At each stage, your Relationship Manager is supported by a team of investment experts, which ensures the highest quality of the service.

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Brokerage Services

Individual Brokerage Service

Citigold Private Clients get access to a wide selection of stock market products and services, such as:

  • advisory on foreign equities market,
  • support of an experienced broker on equities markets in Poland and abroad,
  • possibility to pay stock in more than 20 stock exchange markets in Poland and abroad,
  • online transaction platforms and instruction submission via phone.
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Regular Reports

Financial markets viewed through the eyes of experts

Dedicated reports and analyses that provide insight into a complex financial market landscape, include comments on key market events in Poland and abroad, and present market projections for the upcoming months.

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Investment Products

World-class solutions that enable you to fulfill your financial plans

As a global bank, we give you access to a wide range of investment services that allow you to invest in many currencies and markets.

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Earn 2.2% p.a. on a 3-month deposit of up to PLN 1,400,000 with a new Citigold Private Client account and earn additional PLN 2,000 Check details

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